The MOC relies on its members to run trips. To encourage members to run trips, the club provides a subsidy to people who lead club trips. Read our tips on running your own trip here or contact the executive for help!

Apply for a Trip Leader Subsidy

Fill out this form to apply for your subsidy! Before you fill out the form, make sure you’ve read through all the rules below to ensure that your trip qualifies.


What are the rules?

In order to qualify for the subsidy, you need to do the following:

  • The trip should be announced at a general meeting or over the listserv, preferably at least a week before the trip takes place.
  • The trip must be open to all MOC members possessing the pre-requisite skills and experience. However, it is OK to set a maximum number of participants for your activity.
  • The leader has to fill out a trip report. This report is intended for the benefit of future trip leaders and should contain all information necessary to plan a similar trip in the future. At the end of the report, list all the participants and their active membership numbers. After review and approval of the trip report, an executive will give the trip leader the subsidy. The Trip Report form can be filled out electronically using the form.
  • You must organise, lead and participate in the trip. You can’t just organize it.
  • The executive has final say over who is able to qualify for the subsidy, what category they’re in, and what a “trip” means.
  • NEW RULE: Submit a receipt from the trip that is equal to or more the amount you are claiming for the subdiy. So you don’t need to submit all your receipts, just enough to cover the cost of what we are giving you. 
  • NEW RULE: Submit proof of payment for the receipt you submit. This can be a credit/debit card receipt or a screenshot from your credit/debit statement with the transaction. Does NOT apply to cash payments. 

Categories and Subsidies

The maximum amount of subsidy given is the lowest of the following options:

  • $10 per member (excluding the leader) participating in the trip. (INCREASED AMOUNT!)
  • The average cost of the trip per participant.
  • The actual cost of the trip for the trip leader.

Trips with Multiple Leaders (NEW!)

A brand new addition to the MOC Trip Leader Subsidy!

If you run a trip with another leader, you are both able to apply to the subsidy. Both of you can receive $10 for member BUT the total number of leaders which can apply is based on the following:

  • 1-10 participants = 1 leader
  • 11-20 participants = 2 leaders
  • 21-30 participants = 3 leaders
  • etc.

Need some tips on running a trip?

Read through our tips on running a trip here. If you want more help or advice, contact the executive!

Wilderness First Responder Training Subsidy

Why is the MOC offering this? Training is not the be-all and end-all of leadership skills. There are many good leaders out there without official certifications. However, the MOC has created this subsidy to support Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certifications, as they are extremely beneficial for leading trips into the backcountry. WFR courses teach safety and leadership skills applicable to typical MOC trips. The theoretical principles learned during these courses, make you more aware of possible dangers and teach you how to prevent them.

  • The subsidy is given in the form of free house stay for the duration of a WFR trip happening at the MOC house.
  • We hope that this subsidy will increase the quality of MOC trips, so that more members can enjoy the outdoors safely.
  • Furthermore, since WFR courses are expensive, the WFR subsidy will make these courses more accessible to our members.