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Join our email list of 3,000+ people to get updates on what the MOC is up to! You do not need to be a member to join the list.

To send a message to the list email [email protected] PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO HIT REPLY ALL UNLESS ALL 3,000+ PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!

Things that are OK for the list:
  • Asking advice for planning a trip
  • Offering or requesting a ride for an outdoors trip you have planned or to the MOC house
  • Important safety information (gear recalls, dangerous conditions)
  • Selling used outdoors gear (within reason, please do not spam if no one wants it!)
  • Information on courses that may be of interest to the MOC (WFA, mountaineers skills, etc)
Things that are NOT OK on the list:
  • Offering or requesting a ride somewhere not for the outdoors (ie Toronto and NYC are not ok, but if you are doing a road trip to Vancouver to visit all the national parks post it!)
  • Roommate requests
  • Any plans involving illegal activities
  • Generally, anything not outdoors related
  • Commercial Advertisement

If you’re not sure that your message is right for the list, email [email protected] and we’ll let you know!

Please read the guidelines for more details.

Join (form is broken USE MANUAL METHOD BELOW or GOOGLE FORM BELOW, can take a day or two, check your spam folder. Try using McGill wifi or McGill VPN:


Enable Digest Mode:

The MOC typically get a large amount of posting to or listserv (we’re super active!). By enabling “digest mode” postings will be sent as a single e-mail (i.e. a “digest”) once a day.

Disable Digest Mode:

Manually Join:

If you have problems with the above forms, try out these steps:
Send an e-mail (with a blank subject line) to containing the following text command:
subscribe moc “YOUR NAME HERE”

For example, for me, I write:

subscribe moc Walter Jothiraj

Then you should get a confirmation email (check junk/spam folders), which you need either click on the link or reply with “OK”.

Manually Unsubscribe:

Send an e-mail (with a blank subject line) to containing the following text command:

unsubscribe moc

Google Form to Subscribe:

If you are unable to join the emailing list, as a last resort you can fill out this google form.

IF NONE OF THIS WORKS, email us at [email protected] and we can help you out!!