Gear System Update

We have a new computer system that handles gear and membership. For members, this means one minor change: if you want to buy a membership, before heading into the office to pay, you should create an account on MyTurn, our new system. You can find a link here; click the link in the top right to sign up for an account!


House Update

The keys are no longer at the Couche-Tard!!

Due to irresponsible behaviour at the house, the town is enforcing fire regulations.
The capacity is now 15 people.

To ensure house capacity is respected, for all visits all members must submit a request to the house manager.

If your request is for mid-week and it's approved, you will need to come into the office and sign a house stay form in order to get the key.
If your request is for the weekend and it's approved, there will be an exec up there.

Weekly Meetings!

The last Summer meeting was Aug 31st, and the days of ultimate frisbee and patio beers are over :(

But with Fall comes colours, fresh air, and lots of exec-run trips! Come one, come all! Every Wednesday starting Sept 7 at 7:30PM usually in SSMU (location confirmed on the listserv)! Hope to see you there!

Want to rent gear, sign up for an exec-run trip, or become member, but can't make it our meetings? Check out our office hours

How to MOC:


Time: every Wednesday at 7:30PM
Location: Check your Listserv emails!

We will be announcing trips, reporting trips and selling memberships. Then we'll play Frisbee and go for beers afterwards.

B. Get involved by SIGNING UP ON THE LISTSERV on which many many people will let everybody know about their trips, join the mailing list for free. The weekly MOC meeting locations are announced on there too! If you see an interesting trip, just respond to the person sending it!

C. BUY A MEMBERSHIP - See if you are free during a general meeting or during any of these office hours in the SSMU building room 436 and say "hey! I want to join!" Fill up the given form with some of your info and pay the $20 (or $25) for a yearly membership ($10 off in the summer), which lets you rent our gear for super cheap, go stay at the house, go on exec-organized trips, and be eligible for an executive position (if you're a McGill student) which grants cool perks (half-price for all rentals and free stay at the house wow!).

D. GO ON A TRIP (OR MANY) - Contact people who announced a trip and go do some cool outdoorsy stuff with them (hiking, rock climbing, paddling, cycling, downhill skiing, telemark skiing, cross-country skiing, ice-climbing, winter camping, other recreation ... wow so many!). Both member-run and exec-run trips are usually announced on the listserv but for more specific info, you can contact the execs who are respectively responsible for one of those activities (Fall or Winter activity officers). Or, just come to our weekly meetings on Wed. 7:30PM (place is confirmed by email to the listserv) and talk to people in person - and hear to what's going on outdoors on the upcoming weekends!

E. RUN A TRIP (OR MANY) - Want to go hiking, but don't know where? Not sure what you need? Want to do something different and have company? Read this guide, and/or ask your friendly neighbourhood execs! Once you've got an idea of where, when, and cost - announce it on the listserv, have tonnes of fun, get leadership experience, breathe the fresh air, meet new people.. and when it's all over, apply for an MOC Trip Leader Subsidy so you have money to run another!

End result: Become more amazing with each passing day!

We need you!!

The MOC would like to remind everyone that we are entirely run by volunteers, who simply want to help people get outside!!
To run things "at-cost", we rely on members to pitch in.

This means:

a) You return gear in the same condition you rented it.
i.e. Dry and clean! (And repaired, if you broke or damaged it.)
--> If you are technically unable to do a repair, please tell us the problem , so we don't rent the gear out again!

b) You set-up your tent before renting it.
You never know what could be wrong, and a missing fly, or missing or broken tent poles will render a tent useless. This happens when a group rents out a bunch of gear and intermixes parts of tents with other tents.

c) You leave the house in a cleaner  state than it was when you arrived.
i.e. In addition to washing your own dishes and dealing with your personal food/waste, you:
- Sweep, vacuum, and mop,
- Wipe counters and tables,
- Clean the bathrooms,
- Throw out expired (or soon-to-be-expired) food - from both fridges,
- And don't forget to take out the garbage, recycling, compost! - Check the list on the wall in the dining area and make sure everything is done

---> Extra points and MOC love for mowing the lawn/raking/shovelling the drive! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and you can stay for free and get your transportation reimbursed!

d) You run your own trips. And get $$ back!
We want you to get outside so badly (and learn to run a trip), that we offer a Trip Leader Subsidy!