The McGill Students Outdoors Club is the ONLY club on campus that has its own house! Located about 45 minutes north of Montreal in the town of Shawbridge, the house serves as our home base for many trips, and gives us the freedom to have great get-togethers in a cozy environment away from McGill and the city.

Some highlighted features of the house include:

  • Heating
  • Four bunk-bedded rooms, capable of sleeping up to 80 people
  • Fireplace
  • Ski, snowshoe, skate, and kayak rental on-site
  • Dual-stove, dual-refrigerator kitchen, and benched dining area
    • We can accomodate groups of up to 80 persons.

Who's invited?

The House is for the exclusive use of MOC members. An MOC member may invite a maximum of 2 non-members to stay with them, but they will be subject to non-member rates.

We'd love to have outdoorsy, optimistic, and courteous people at the house.

This isn't a vacation home, so no families with young children, please.

Are you an organization or a group looking for a place to do a collective trip and spend quality time together? If you are interested in staying at the house for a weekend, contact the house manager ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). We allow up to three groups to do so per semester. Please let us know your intentions BEFORE the semester in which you intend to stay begins. We will give you the details about the policies and fees.

House Fees

Fees (per night)First NightFollowing Nights
Members 10$ 5$
Non-Members 15$ 10$

Official House Rules

Please read the house rules before you go.

MOC House Manual 

The House Manual contains everything you want to know when planning to go to the house. How to get there? What to bring? What are the important things to check before leaving the house? 

MOC Trails

Over many decades, the MOC helped cut most of the trails in the Prevost area, and we continue to help maintain them. They are great for hiking and cross-country skiing. In Fall 2013, the MOC created a new map of the trail network, which is available here. Bring a copy with you when you head up and enjoy the trails!

Detailed Biking Directions to Prevost 

  • Follow the Christophe Colomb bike path to Riviere des Prairies
  • Go West along the river following the Route Verte parallel to Gouin Boulevard
  • Turn right at the railroad tracks across an old railroad bridge into Laval.  
  • Continue to follow signs for the Route Verte 1 (they can be tricky).  You should be continually moving NNW.
  • Turn left onto the Boulevard-Sainte-Rose.  Follow signs for bike path SW along the river (they are also confusing) 
  • After a short wooded segment, turn right onto the bridge out of Laval.  There will be a bike path across the bridge and then it will kind of peter out.  This is the only segment without a solid bike path.  You will be biking along the Curé-Labelle (117N) for about 3km.  
  • At the top of the hill, turn right on Chemin de la Cote Saint Louis.  You are back on the bike path! 
  • Turn left on Parc Lineaire des Basses-Laurentides.  You are now on the Route Verte 2.  
  • Continue to follow signs for the Route Verte 2 all the way to St Jerome, where it turns into the P'tit Train du Nord.
  • Continue along the P'tit Train until kilometer 14, the old Prévost Train Station.  
  • Turn left onto rue de la Station and the Couche-Tard is right across the road!  (Talk to the exec or someone who has been to the house if you are unsure of how to get the key or what the house address is)


The house has been under the auspices of the club since 1954. Numerous improvements have been made, mostly by members themselves. We are quite handy, (and cheap!) so we welcome anyone with experience in home repair to contact us! You can read more about the purchase of the house here.

Interested in helping out the good ol' MOC House?

Good news: we accept donations!

Click here to find out more!